About Us

AZRIEL was born of courage and love, of believing that when you want, you can, that with all things it is possible.

Paola Azriel

The year 2002 Lucía Llaca founded “Eli Nisi” jewelry, when she was unfairly dismissed from the Corporation in which he worked.

She started with a small space in the galleries “El Arco” in Tacna City, Peru.

Four years later he moved to a store in the “El Sol” gallery, which was stolen in 2009, starting over from scratch.

In 2017 Paola Azriel, her daughter, creates her own business division, looking to the future she founds AZRIEL.

After suffering gender violence and workplace harassment, she was inspired by the courage of women in the world. Currently, she trains women’s groups to form their own companies and seeks to increase the hiring of women in the workshops where their products are manufactured.

This is our story, of brave women, like you.

AZRIEL is a jewelry design and manufacturing company, was founded in 2018 in Peru and export pieces of 925 and 950 sterling silver jewelry to Chile, Bolivia and Brazil, beginning this year our expansion into new markets such as the United States, Canada and rest of América.

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